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About Steven

Steven has been leading Parent-Child Classes, working with parents one-on-one, studying early childhood development and training with leaders from the RIE and Pikler practices for nearly four years. Steven’s philosophy is that, as parents, we have within ourselves what is needed for us to meet our challenges - if we know what to look for and if we can learn to see our children as they are and who they are.


Prior to becoming a full-time father in 2013,  Steven led a rich and dynamic life. He spent most of his career in the music industry as a Recording Engineer in Atlanta, Seattle (where he aslo worked as an audio engineer as Microsoft’s headquarters) and, most recently, in Los Angeles, where he settled twenty years ago. Long, hard and often wonderful hours were spent in the studio with musical legends and young, emerging artists. Steven went on to produce live concerts that were filmed and broadcast, benefits and other events at a performance venue in Malibu.


Steven is a graduate of Tulane University, where he fell in love with the city of New Orleans. He spent his post-graduate years teaching high school, including a year in Japan where he taught English and became conversational in Japanese.  


Steven lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.

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