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Online Parent Support Workshops

Workshop Description

We will meet for an hour. I’ll have a theme or topic for us to discuss. You, the participants, will likely have many things to discuss and share. 


So much of being a parent happens on our own, alone with our children. By sharing our struggles and challenges, we get to see that we’re all struggling.    

We have to care for ourselves and practice being grounded. We must be understanding and empathetic to ourselves. It is from this that we can care for, help to ground, and be understanding and empathetic to our children. But this is not easy. Here we will start by caring for, helping to ground and being understanding and empathetic to each other.  



I am currently teaching parent-child classes exclusively at Pasadena Waldorf School in Altadena, California.  For more information please see:

  • Workshops will meet weekly via Zoom. You may join on any date. Flexibility is important and I understand that everyone has unique scheduling challenges.

  • Instructions and Zoom invite link will be sent via email.

  • Please include the workshop start date you have selected.

  • As we progress, we may form regular groups with people in similar situations that will meet regularly. 

In the email body, please try to answer the following questions:

  1. How old is your child/children?

  2. Have you attended RIE classes before?​

  3. What is your situation as a parent?  (full-time work/stay-at-home/ partnered/single parent)

  4. What are your challenges as a parent?  

  5. Anything else you would like to share

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